“Blogging” Take Two

Well, hello and Happy New Year! I feel like i’m about to go to confession when I admit how long its been since my last post! And to be truthful, I don’t even know…..OH MY GOD! i checked and it was MAY!  What I do know is that for some reason, this “blogging” kinda gives me a release with a twist of humor and i feel like this online journal is a great way for me to be able to look back over the events of my life. I have really missed it and often think about things that happen and think “man, i should blog this!” So, i’m gonna.

Let’s recap shall we! I have no idea what happened last but with the amount that goes on in my life on a daily basis I’ll have to pick the highlighted points or this could turn into a novel….since my last post was in May there is really no way to make this short. so, grab a coffee, turn of treehouse for the kids and lets recap on all you missed.

As, a side note, I do have like 4 “draft” entries so i kinda tried to keep up with this….ok, so i failed miserably but whateves. Also, as another side note. I think I feel way to much pressure to make sure my punctuation and grammar are correct…thanks to spell check that one isn’t as big of a deal I have a lot of teacher friends….and just some anal ones. 😉

We have grown in family size by one amazing little boy! Seriously, he is straight up perfect and super cute too! #5 made his debut on Sept 22 by means of me being induced.  I have a history of fast labour and I didn’t think an entry on having a baby on the road was something I was into. ( although, I do have a friend that happened to out here and I love the story…for her NOT ME!) I enjoyed a week of living with a long time friend and his wife who is a close friend of mine. ( we actually named our baby after him) in the city the week before as my labour had started and stopped a lot and I wasn’t cool with being so far away from the hospital and the awesomeness of modern medicine. It was awesome and totally what I needed before I jumped into the life of 5. And that is exactly what happened! literally by day 4 of Baby being born I was on my own with the kiddos while the hubs worked his job and kept on with the house renos.

The House, the on going saga of renos. I’m not really involved but I know A LOT has gone on. We have had loads of help. We are still not in our house. We are currently squatters. No, seriously we are! we moved into my inlaws house while they winter in the south. We have moved 3 times in less then a year!

We had a full busy summer of playing in our amazing yard and Joel having some different buddies come to help. The craziest moment of the summer was a day right after a set of friends had left. I should have been cleaning but instead decided to take a much needed nap. I was woken up by this strange tapping that sounded a lot like birds flying into the window. I wondered around the house to try and figure out the sound when standing in our porch was my sister and her husband! They took a spontaneous road trip with 2 outta their 3 kids and their 2 great danes and came out to the Wild, Wild West! and not a second too soon as my bro in law is a pro at concrete and we were just about to have our basement poured! The next 5 days were a intense but crazy fun visit. The best part of that entire story is that they have since decided to move out here! Yeah thats right my sister, her hubs and their 3 kids and 2 dogs are now out here! Her adjusting to this life should probably call for a few guest posts.

Summer was great, fall was busy and I was pretty proud of how i handled our first harvest and having a new baby. and then winter had us load the whole crew and drive to Ontario. It was great, my kids drive like champs. Me and my hubs on the other hand couldn’t get outta the van fast enough. This year has me looking forward to being settled in my OWN house, with my own things, and the start of our life out here with my sister.

I seriously have no words for how happy I am she is here. She is truly one of my best friends and I know that with her beside me cheering me on ( or slapping me outta my temper tantrum) I can accomplish anything. Support is so key and I am so glad to have someone that knows me so well be one of my main ones.

Well, I skipped loads of stuff for the sake of size on this but I wanted to get back into the swing of this. So, let’s raise our Baileys Coffee and cheers in to 2014!

stay classy friends,


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Can’t Handle the Pressure!

Hey Friends,

Sorry its been like 100 years since I have posted anything! Reason being was a few weeks ago my husband and his family said goodbye to a wonderful man. His Grandpa, and my kids Great grandpa. He was 89 and lived a full wonderful life. But it was sad and emotional as this was the first time my kids have really experienced a death in the family.  This was a really good time for us to have a chance to really explain to our kids why we believe what we do. Grandpa was a wonderful man and I truly feel honoured and blessed to have known him for the years I did.  My second son (he’s 6) had a lot of questions and although it was a very serious time I had a hard time holding back from laughing as I just am never ceased to be amazed at kids brains and their inability to whisper! I won’t tell every funny question or comment that was made but I’ll tell two. The first was that my #2 son really wanted to see his grandpa. I was hesitant about it but after A LOT of talking he convinced me this was what he needed to do. We approached the casket and when it was opened he got up on his tippy toes and looked in. He was quiet, clearly a sobering visual for any little kid! then he looks at me and asks…” why does he have his watch on?! he can’t tell time. and wait a second…how did he get into that nice suit and tie?!” and then when we went to the internment. My son (#2 again) was so upset that they were going to bury the big box. he kept saying “mom, its so nice, we could put all our toys in it! or we could use it as a fort!” oh kids! I’m pretty sure Grandpa was looking down on us and laughing!

So, what does this have to do with the blog? Well, I just feel so much pressure to be funny! And honestly I wasn’t really in a writing mood. But I am now!

I wonder how many people based on the title thought this had something to do with being pregnant with our 5th kid! cause naturally…THERE IS PRESSURE! but for any of the men that read this….and i’m guessing that is just my husband since he kinda has to for moral support and another hit for my numbers its not very many. However, since I don’t know the exact answer I will have to refrain from truly my funniest moment in history in the Dr’s office. maybe with enough coaxing I will eventually spill my beans but I would have to be close to like landing on the Ellen Show before I’m ready for that!

Life out here on the Prairies is going ok. I have had my moments of sheer panic wondering what the crap I have gotten myself into. But then I remind myself we are only into the first week of farm life and I actually haven’t got the foggiest idea how nuts this really is gonna get. So, the fact that I want to brag about taking my 2 boys to soccer this week and putting all 4 kids to bed alone all week….including bathing them! Is actually not worth mentioning yet. ( especially since I think 2 nights of dinner has been either cereal or grilled cheese!) Although, since I have this bun in the oven I haven’t had the luxury of enjoying a nice glass of wine once they are all in bed. And to that I say I deserve a hand clap…a small one but a handclap none the less!

I find the longer I am gone the more I miss my friends and family. I think its cause I think they would get such a kick out of seeing how strange our life is out here. I know one day I will have them come to visit…Some will anyways, but I’m not in a rush for them to visit as my plan to have them so convinced this is the life they want to have will take a fair amount of planning and scheming….ummm… I mean…never mind…..

I have joined the SCC out here. That is basically a community board that is a part of the public school. It helps in deciding where money goes and in some school type issues. I figure I’m gonna have 5 kids all in the school may as well be as involved as possible and know what is going on. MAN! I had no idea the government was so…… hmmm… well, you know! 😉 This is going to be a huge learning curve and also a great chance to be reminded how much I loved the private school the boys were in! I am glad we have such great teachers out here and that the goal of the school really is the students. But man! this is gonna be a wild ride!

All the kids are doing well and adjusting slowly to the changes. Now that the snow is gone and we are able to go outside in normal clothes. I think they are going to enjoy living on all this land. And being able to play and create things in new and exciting ways. truthfully, the nicer it gets the more scared I get. I wonder with each nice day how many bugs and snakes are waking from their slumber and having little creepy babies! Now will be the time to stay tuned for my blogging.

Well, I could talk all night long but the oven just beeped and my midnight snack of mozza sticks and jalapeno poppers is ready so that’s my cue to sign off!

until the next time,

Stay Classy





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Welcome To Narnia

Hi Friends,

Well as I write this I am surrounded by a beautiful sound. SILENCE! seriously all I can hear is my fingers typing and the clock ticking. I have put the younger 2 kiddos in one day of daycare a week. The lady is very lovely and they seem to really enjoy going there. And I really enjoy having some time to myself to get some things done, and get nothing done all at once. Its nice and important for me to have that time to myself to recharge and be on my A game.

Life out here is slowly becoming more normal. Although this snow is more then I had counted on! It seriously feels like Narnia….Always winter and never Christmas! In fact, no joke 2 days ago kid #2 was walking around singing Christmas carols and asked about a tree! They boys are still sledding like crazy and have even taken up cross country skiing with their grandma and uncle.

Its funny, I have learned quite a few lessons in this journey we have embarked on but one of them is just to go with the flow. I am finding the more I just relax and try and enjoy the ride…The more I enjoy the ride. I realize I tend to stress about things that don’t really matter and I am spending valuable energy on caring about things out of my control anyways. I am finding I am spending more time on actually focusing on what is important and learning to pick my battles. ( that one can be a challenge since I have always enjoyed a good battle every once in a while)  I have also learned that we live with really so much more then we need. I have been teaching my kids to be thankful but felt a pang or two of guilt when I realized I was acting just as bad as they were because I didn’t have my Kitchen Aid mixer when I wanted to bake. I guess I am learning that we as adults are really just still kids that don’t have a mom or dad to bark orders at us. I am actually taking the time now when I talk to my kids to reflect on how I need to change or how I do the same thing I just don’t have someone to point it out to me. Like I say to my #1 almost everyday ” I know being 8 is hard, I remember. You have never been 8 before so you have a lot to learn, just like I have never been a mom before and I have a lot to learn so we will learn together ok?”

Anyways, that’s what’s been on my mind…..that was a little heavy for a blog from me so let me finish it up with a true story….

I won’t change any names b/c it happened to me so I have no one to protect.

I went to collect my kiddos from the child care lady of awesomeness. I opened her back door to walk out and so close ( like I say 50 feet bc I don’t want to exaggerate but I totally swear it was closer!) a deer ran right by me! I screamed, ran into her house, made her daughter cry and due to the fact I am pregnant with #5 naturally I peed my pants! So, to bring it full circle back to my comment about Narnia as my one friend put it I have already had an encounter with Mr. Tumnus!


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I think I’m a tumbleweed!

Hey friends,

Well, here is the first entry from our new location we will be calling “home” for the next few months. We have moved to a town smaller then the last one about 20 mins away while we wait for our house to be available  for us to move into…then we get to walk the road of renos together! For now this will be an okay situation. Its still small and the water is brown and really stinky. When I shower I kinda wonder if I was cleaner before I got in. The first few days I thought I had hit the jackpot when the smell of the water literally made me barf. I thought I got outta dishes. I was a little sad when that wore off. I just have to keep thinking its like camping! We can’t use the water to cook with or wash our food with. Its kinda nuts…..I just have to keep checking the kids to make sure they don’t start to glow. As long as we don’t have to buy our air in a bottle I think we’ll manage!  The kids are happier with the space to actually run around and seriously peeps, this place is like the labyrinth! there are 2 ways to get into every room and its full of pocket doors. I have also learned an interesting thing about elderly people….they tend to keep everything and not throw anything away. I have well over 100 margarine containers, about 1000 tacks, a million rubber bands …the list goes on and on!

Well, let me think of what I can fill you in on since the last time…. Me and the hubs went to the big city for a night to celebrate our anniversary. It was nice to get away. I still didn’t sleep through the night since I’m pregnant and have to pee usually every 30 minutes. But it was nice to not wake up to a foot in the back or a cute and adorable toddler breathing their warm breath in your face. On the baby front all is well, I am over my first trimester and the barfing has slowed down. But my love of food has NOT!

I am slowly adjusting to this small town life but I miss the city. Yesterday a deer ran by me like literally probably closer then 50 feet away! I totally peed my pants! I can’t figure out those things. People say they are graceful. From what I can tell they are dumb and creepy, and have no concept of personal space! There is still an insane amount of snow here. I think my name of “Narnia” for this place may be pretty accurate. Where you feel like its always winter and never Christmas. And I miss a good ol’ drive through. So next time you drive by those golden arches buy a big mac and think of me!

The kids had another week off school for their “Spring Break” I took the 2 boys into the city for the day and I let them have ice cream for breakfast one day so on the cool mom-o-meter  I think I’m doing ok.  I had some ground to make up after a few weeks ago when we got our dog Stella fixed. I explained to the boys what that meant. They were none to pleased with me about this. My #2 son made it clear by explaining how I was so selfish because I could have as many babies as I wanted and Stella couldn’t have any. I just stood there and laughed….I tend to do that a lot. I should really work on that. I guess I just don’t quite get how those little brains work.

Well, as we continue on our journey of getting settled only to move again I’ll keep you all in the loop.  But for now I am being beckoned by 4 kids…. who tries to write a blog in the middle of the day anyways!!!!

until next time!


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Day 3,650…….10 YEARS BABY!!!!

Let me set the stage, I had moved to Saskatchewan in ’98. Found the man of my dreams and we started dating in May of 2000. 2 days later I got in the van with my parents and moved 3,500 miles away. Where Joel and I dated long distance for 2 years. I think I had this idea that it would be like in the movies. We would write letters, and fall asleep on the phone after hours and hours of deep and meaningful conversation. I would come home to surprise deliveries of flowers and chocolates…..BOY WAS I WRONG! It was more like me having to call my Bestie to either  track down my boyfriend or give him a reminder that he was about an hour or more late for our scheduled phone date. I think in the 2 years we dated LD we hit the 1 hour convo mark maybe 5 times. Clear and simple it SUCKED! For any of you who have done LD you know the pain of it!!! we had time changes to figure out, work schedules and social lives to work around, He would come and visit and I would go see him out west but the whole “romance” of dating was not our strongest attribute! My favorite gift I got in the mail was when we had a big fight and I got a package. I opened it up and there was a stuffed donkey in the box with a note that said “hi, I’m jackass Joel” That donkey still is in our room to this day! It sounds like Im complaining…..I’m not trying to…ok, I wouldn’t say we had a pie in the sky, day dreamish like relationship but we had our good times and our bad times….and all those times make you stronger! In 2002 I moved back out West. Now we felt like a real couple. There was only one time to my horrific embarrassment I thought he was gonna pop the question and he didn’t. I still feel like a dork about that! although years later I found out that the reason he was so “off” on that day in particular was because he had just purchased the ring. He also carried this around with him on a few occasions just incase the right moment hit! Well, the moment hit on a rainy day in August. I said yes and I would say it again in a heartbeat!

8 months later we got married. My wedding was basically like “MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING” except we are from Guyana! It was huge and loud and went on for days! We had all the people that we cared about most in my life there and the coolest part is everyone of them that stood with us 10 years ago is still a huge part of our life!

I said I DO to my best friend that day and that was the smartest thing I have ever done!

We have had our fair  share of ups and downs. We know what its like to literally rub your pennies together and hope it makes more! our first anniversary we had no money at all. We took our bottles in to the recycle  place in town and got $7.00 we went to a starbucks and shared a cinnamon steamer and a piece of cake. And we were happy! It sucked, but we were happy! I often joke that “all you need is love” but I kinda think its true! maybe not ALL you need but it sure gets you pretty far.

In 10 years we have moved across Canada…twice, have had 4 kids and have #5 en route!, we have been poor and we have been comfy but haven’t been rich yet! We’ve had the same friends and have expanded to other cool cats that we share our lives with. We have laughed a lot and cried lots too. We have seen good days and bad days. And I would do it all over again with him. What the future holds we don’t know but we know we’ll face it holding hands.

I value the love Joel and I share. I see in a world like today its rare and I will not take it for granted. I know we are far from perfect but I also know that life has handed us some lemons and we have managed to get creative with what we made with them. I can’t remember what life was like before Joel was in it and I can’t imagine life without him.

So, on this our 10th anniversary I dedicate this blog to my best friend, to the man I have the honour of calling husband, to the most amazing father I have ever seen, to my partner in crime, and the man that always thinks I’m funny. To the man that works hard to provide for his family, And a man who is really loved by all who know him. To my wonderful husband Joel!

love you babe!


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Somethings you just don’t share.

So, here is a CRAZY story for you all. Actually, I have a few of them but I figure I should space them out. Today its about something that happened a little while ago. After I made my blog entry about babe#5 being en route I received an interesting message. It was someone who had a story and they felt they wanted to share it with me. Now, this had me excited. One thing I am looking forward to with this blog is connecting with people on all walks of life. I want to know that my stories can bring some joy to people and even some common ground. I figure with my lack of filter I’m sure I will have at least one person out there that can relate and be happy to know they are not alone on the crazy train we call life. Anyways, I read the email and was very touched by the sad story this person shared with me. The part that knocked me off my chair was when they asked if we would consider giving them our baby! YES! this honestly happened! I was in a fair amount of shock and dis belief as I was thinking “huh, this is ballsy! I wouldn’t even ask my closest friend for a pair of their shoes yet, this person is asking for my baby!” My feelings of sympathy were now mixed with questions. I was questioning if in some way I had come off like we were not excited or we didn’t want the baby. I sent her a message back explaining that we would be keeping and were beyond thrilled to have another little munchkin in the fam. Now, as a mom of 4 kids (on the outside) I get that some days you do wonder if the zoo would be interested in adding a new exhibit featuring some of my kids! But, the incident didn’t leave my head. I kept thinking….” what makes a person think this is a smart idea…. do they have any people who they could run their plan by? and how did they process of thinking about this and ACTUALLY following through with it was a winner of an idea.” I came up with the fact that I am glad I have people that slap me upside the head, people that tell me to think about all that will be affected by my choices and people that straight up tell me to sit down and shut up! To the person who sent the message I wish them happiness and success in their future. To myself I took away that I am truly a blessed person. I have a full life and although as a mom we have those days where we want to lock ourself in the bathroom I wouldn’t change my life for anything!

Ok, enough of that lets move on to some things I have learned out here in the Prairies! I would have to say my most proud and brilliant moment to date was when I was having an insane craving for some good, greasy, fast food! I know…HORRIBLE! well, my husband was in the city and then it hit me! like a lightning bolt, or a light bulb over my head… i called him and said “BRING HOME THE BIGGEST BUCKET OF KFC YOU CAN BUY!!!” this way its good cold and would satisfy my late night need to snack!

Another thing I am learning is that if you are gonna shop online…YOU GET THE MAIL! I think since I got my 3rd notice of a “package in the postoffice” in a row the Hubs is starting wonder what is going on….may be time to look into another credit card in just my name!

I may need to look into driver training as this whole driving on gravel thing and I don’t seem to be getting along too well….maybe it will be better when the snow is gone. But when you are driving and your 3 year old comments on how slow you are going it may be time to figure this gravel thing out!

Well, the journey continues! Thanks for joining me on the ride!


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Testing Testing one, two, three….

Hey Peeps,

Ok, so obviously I’m new at this whole blog thing, And not to sound creepy but i can see how many people read it and stuff…not like I know where you are or anything! So, its not THAT creepy! Anyways, I have been noticing that I kinda have a fair amount of “hits” is that what it called in the blogging world? even people in Germany are checking out my stuff….gotta say, that is cool….does it translate?! huh, I wonder….Anyways, what I am wondering is should I kinda have one post a week? or, do I just write as the mood strikes?

I have a few things to mention some are buckle over and pee your pants funny and others are just shake your head and wonder if I am serious…. so I guess I am just trying to figure out what to do…..

now i bet you are wondering about said stories I have mentioned…..well, that is on the way! trust me you don’t want to miss it!

peace out!


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