Just When it Couldn’t Get Any Crazier!!

Hey Peeps.

I hope this finds everyone doing well! I am so pumped to write today as I have been waiting for the perfect moment…..So I have buckled #3 & #4 in and handed him a snack that will be deserving of a bath after and have Treehouse entertaining them.

So, let me set the stage…Two weeks before we moved from Ontario all the kids got what I called the plaque. Hard core barfing and extreme grossness. It literally went from #4 to #3 to #2 to #1 and then Joel and even our student. I felt like Superwoman as I had managed to dodge the bullet! I felt a bit run down and extra emotional but that is only to be expected with the situation and the move on our heels. Fast forward to the Wednesday . (movers would be coming on Thursday and we were flying out on Friday) We were up to our eyeballs with last minute junk removal, mess, packing and trying to spend as much time with our friends and family as possible before the big move. Wednesday night we go over to my Bestie’s house for an amazing dinner and final Webster/Mitchell night. The boys went out and got us some coffee’s and we sat around and visited until way to late being we had a HUGE mess waiting for us a home.

On the way home it hit me like a ton of bricks…THE PLAGUE! “oh dear God NO! not right now!” I thought we have so much to do I can’t get sick. we pulled into the driveway and I barely made it inside before I shared what we had for supper with the entire bathroom! I sat there all upset as I hate puking more then anything then all the sudden it hit me like a ton of bricks….What if it wasn’t the “plague”…what if it was something else…..something that would last between 4-12 weeks…..something like being pregnant……No,it couldn’t possibly be that! I get out of the bathroom look at my husband who is trying to get 4 kids into bed and we are swimming in mess and I say “go right now to the drugstore and get me a pregnancy test.” His face was one of complete shock and unbelief. he replied with ” Why would you need that?” I don’t remember my exact response I’m gonna guess something sarcastic! He comes in with “THE BOX” and I quickly run up the stairs to see if Im just crazy….. Well, those 2 lines showed up faster then a bullet outta a gun! I gotta be honest sheer fear and panic is an under statement! i actually think my brain went totally blank! I came down the stairs with the test and the glowing 2 lines and fell into a blubbering heap on the stairs.

5 KIDS! we are going to have 5 CHILDREN!!! Now, although 5 was never really in our plans, it was more the timing of finding out that had me so worked up NOT the amazing fact that I had a wonderful little life inside. The tricky part was…and I hope I don’t offend anyone by this… but, when you find out you are pregnant with your 5th kid only a few hours before you are going to have a truck come and pack up your life and then move you and your 4 kids and husband and dog across Canada my initial reaction was….man, I could use a glass of wine! So I sipped my water and just started to laugh!!!! Oh, wait, I forgot to mention that about 20 mins after we had taken the test (its like 10:30pm) we had someone show up to pick up our last box of baby clothes!!! yes, we had given everything away!!!!!

For those of you who have had kids you know the joy it is to tell people you are pregnant. For those of you that have had more then one, you realize its almost more fun to tell people you are having ANOTHER one….well, our family and friends reaction was beyond classic! it was usually with me and the girl laughing and crying all at once and Joel getting a high five….. no comment on that!   But then it all made sense, me being tired and feeling so beyond emotional about the move, and the nausea….Oh Lord that dreaded morning sickness that lasts the entire day! They say every pregnancy is different well that has never been truer! The list of things that make me barf is long and extensive! everything from coffee to toast, to blowing my nose, to having a shower, to getting too warm…or getting to cold, to the smell of the fridge, the dog, the toothpaste, the kids, the laundry………..basically everything!

So now, take a second and think over all you have read, the fact our stuff took 34 days to arrive, a sprained knee…by the way, i have truly mastered getting to the bathroom at hyper speed on crutches….I’m thinking it could be an olympic sport! to Joel being gone…..ALL PREGNANT! not that I am looking for sympathy, in fact the opposite….Just laugh! its funny! Those who know me well are reading this and saying “of course all this would happen to you!” I say to life…BRING IT ON! I can handle it! Life is easier when you go through it laughing! I think it makes our story funny and awesome! I think that Life is always gonna throw you a curve ball but as one of my greatest friends and I always joke, “ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE!” its kinda true, you need those people you can call and melt down with and laugh with all at once. You need those people that hold your hand while they are holding back their laughter and tell you its gonna be ok! I have learned how beyond blessed we truly are. There is never anything that you can’t handle with the right people in your life. And I try and not give a curveball thrown at me that much power that I lose my ability to laugh!

So, wanna talk about a MAJOR FARMER FAIL??!!! I’m due September 24! yes, basically one of the busiest farming months! so what do we do…WE LAUGH! its the only option!  The other plus side of not realizing I was even pregnant is that I have my first trimester behind me! So, this journey of change has just gotten even more entertaining! So raise a glass of sparkling apple juice with me and toast to our crazy life on the farm with what will be 5 kiddos!



About princessalesha

I'm a mom to 4 crazy busy but super awesome kids. I have been married for almost 10 years to my best friend and hottest guy I know! I love to sing, i love laughing and being with my family and my friends. I truly have the best friends in the world! I believe that "what goes around comes around" and "if you want to have friends, be friendly!"
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9 Responses to Just When it Couldn’t Get Any Crazier!!

  1. Laura says:

    so if my comment is just fulled with hahahahahahahahahahahahha….does that suffice and show my support? Hugs of congrats to you from me. Maybe another starbucks mug 😉 ❤ you.

  2. Tara Price says:

    This made my day. I wish I could be with you to laugh/cry or cheer! You’re a fantastic mom, the more the merrier! I’m glad its you and not me lol! Love your blog!

  3. Love love love this!!! It’s amazing how God works eh? You know God never told us that life was going to be cushy cumfy. All He said was that He would never give us more than we can handle!! And girl!! You are one woman who I know can handle the world of 5 kids!!! Living Large and on purpose!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!
    From a fellow motha of 5!!! 🙂
    Here’s to the fun of the journey!!!!!

    Lots of love Nic

  4. Ev Widarski says:

    You gave me such a great laugh, and I am truly so happy for you (it’s easy to be happy for someone else who is having 5 kids) I only am paying through the teeth for 1 in university!!!
    All the best to you and Joel and your amazing family!

  5. Minke says:

    LOVED reading your story. You rock. Congrats on this baby…. Wishing you many days of no nausea and barfing…. 🙂

  6. Melanie says:

    So very happy for you and the family, 5 blessings, what a great gift!

  7. Connie Rysavy says:

    Joel and Alesha – CONGRATULATION!!!! You will do hunky dory ( whatever that means but I think the connotation is “GREAT”) So looking forward to seeing you all this spring and spending some time seeing your kiddos. I love the memory of holding London when she was wee and you just came and put her in my lap and I had an enjoyable moment putting her sleep and then just look at her. I’ve had only boys so soooo enjoy little girls. Thank God he gave me two grandgirls. Don’t get me wrong – I love every boy that’s in my life – sons and grandsons and even borders.

  8. Thanks all we are all really excited….now that the sheer shock has worn off! we love adventure! lol

  9. Jill Dunk says:

    Well my Princess Alesha, i love your blogg. You are too funny… You wil be fine.. Congratulations… You and Joel are such amazing parents..You will be busy, but you are a wonderful mother… It is the best feeling in the woirld, feeling that life inside you kick and punch and move around… God’s most precious gift ever…. I love you Sweetie, you and your wonderful family… You are a lucky Girl….Hugs….

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