I think I’m a tumbleweed!

Hey friends,

Well, here is the first entry from our new location we will be calling “home” for the next few months. We have moved to a town smaller then the last one about 20 mins away while we wait for our house to be available  for us to move into…then we get to walk the road of renos together! For now this will be an okay situation. Its still small and the water is brown and really stinky. When I shower I kinda wonder if I was cleaner before I got in. The first few days I thought I had hit the jackpot when the smell of the water literally made me barf. I thought I got outta dishes. I was a little sad when that wore off. I just have to keep thinking its like camping! We can’t use the water to cook with or wash our food with. Its kinda nuts…..I just have to keep checking the kids to make sure they don’t start to glow. As long as we don’t have to buy our air in a bottle I think we’ll manage!  The kids are happier with the space to actually run around and seriously peeps, this place is like the labyrinth! there are 2 ways to get into every room and its full of pocket doors. I have also learned an interesting thing about elderly people….they tend to keep everything and not throw anything away. I have well over 100 margarine containers, about 1000 tacks, a million rubber bands …the list goes on and on!

Well, let me think of what I can fill you in on since the last time…. Me and the hubs went to the big city for a night to celebrate our anniversary. It was nice to get away. I still didn’t sleep through the night since I’m pregnant and have to pee usually every 30 minutes. But it was nice to not wake up to a foot in the back or a cute and adorable toddler breathing their warm breath in your face. On the baby front all is well, I am over my first trimester and the barfing has slowed down. But my love of food has NOT!

I am slowly adjusting to this small town life but I miss the city. Yesterday a deer ran by me like literally probably closer then 50 feet away! I totally peed my pants! I can’t figure out those things. People say they are graceful. From what I can tell they are dumb and creepy, and have no concept of personal space! There is still an insane amount of snow here. I think my name of “Narnia” for this place may be pretty accurate. Where you feel like its always winter and never Christmas. And I miss a good ol’ drive through. So next time you drive by those golden arches buy a big mac and think of me!

The kids had another week off school for their “Spring Break” I took the 2 boys into the city for the day and I let them have ice cream for breakfast one day so on the cool mom-o-meter  I think I’m doing ok.  I had some ground to make up after a few weeks ago when we got our dog Stella fixed. I explained to the boys what that meant. They were none to pleased with me about this. My #2 son made it clear by explaining how I was so selfish because I could have as many babies as I wanted and Stella couldn’t have any. I just stood there and laughed….I tend to do that a lot. I should really work on that. I guess I just don’t quite get how those little brains work.

Well, as we continue on our journey of getting settled only to move again I’ll keep you all in the loop.  But for now I am being beckoned by 4 kids…. who tries to write a blog in the middle of the day anyways!!!!

until next time!



About princessalesha

I'm a mom to 4 crazy busy but super awesome kids. I have been married for almost 10 years to my best friend and hottest guy I know! I love to sing, i love laughing and being with my family and my friends. I truly have the best friends in the world! I believe that "what goes around comes around" and "if you want to have friends, be friendly!"
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