Somethings you just don’t share.

So, here is a CRAZY story for you all. Actually, I have a few of them but I figure I should space them out. Today its about something that happened a little while ago. After I made my blog entry about babe#5 being en route I received an interesting message. It was someone who had a story and they felt they wanted to share it with me. Now, this had me excited. One thing I am looking forward to with this blog is connecting with people on all walks of life. I want to know that my stories can bring some joy to people and even some common ground. I figure with my lack of filter I’m sure I will have at least one person out there that can relate and be happy to know they are not alone on the crazy train we call life. Anyways, I read the email and was very touched by the sad story this person shared with me. The part that knocked me off my chair was when they asked if we would consider giving them our baby! YES! this honestly happened! I was in a fair amount of shock and dis belief as I was thinking “huh, this is ballsy! I wouldn’t even ask my closest friend for a pair of their shoes yet, this person is asking for my baby!” My feelings of sympathy were now mixed with questions. I was questioning if in some way I had come off like we were not excited or we didn’t want the baby. I sent her a message back explaining that we would be keeping and were beyond thrilled to have another little munchkin in the fam. Now, as a mom of 4 kids (on the outside) I get that some days you do wonder if the zoo would be interested in adding a new exhibit featuring some of my kids! But, the incident didn’t leave my head. I kept thinking….” what makes a person think this is a smart idea…. do they have any people who they could run their plan by? and how did they process of thinking about this and ACTUALLY following through with it was a winner of an idea.” I came up with the fact that I am glad I have people that slap me upside the head, people that tell me to think about all that will be affected by my choices and people that straight up tell me to sit down and shut up! To the person who sent the message I wish them happiness and success in their future. To myself I took away that I am truly a blessed person. I have a full life and although as a mom we have those days where we want to lock ourself in the bathroom I wouldn’t change my life for anything!

Ok, enough of that lets move on to some things I have learned out here in the Prairies! I would have to say my most proud and brilliant moment to date was when I was having an insane craving for some good, greasy, fast food! I know…HORRIBLE! well, my husband was in the city and then it hit me! like a lightning bolt, or a light bulb over my head… i called him and said “BRING HOME THE BIGGEST BUCKET OF KFC YOU CAN BUY!!!” this way its good cold and would satisfy my late night need to snack!

Another thing I am learning is that if you are gonna shop online…YOU GET THE MAIL! I think since I got my 3rd notice of a “package in the postoffice” in a row the Hubs is starting wonder what is going on….may be time to look into another credit card in just my name!

I may need to look into driver training as this whole driving on gravel thing and I don’t seem to be getting along too well….maybe it will be better when the snow is gone. But when you are driving and your 3 year old comments on how slow you are going it may be time to figure this gravel thing out!

Well, the journey continues! Thanks for joining me on the ride!



About princessalesha

I'm a mom to 4 crazy busy but super awesome kids. I have been married for almost 10 years to my best friend and hottest guy I know! I love to sing, i love laughing and being with my family and my friends. I truly have the best friends in the world! I believe that "what goes around comes around" and "if you want to have friends, be friendly!"
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3 Responses to Somethings you just don’t share.

  1. Sharon Dow says:

    Awww – you warm my heart with each of your blogs!! I love your openness and honesty!!!

  2. Minke says:

    Me too! I love reading your posts…

  3. Emmy says:

    LOL….can I have your baby….that’s awesome. Creepy….disturbing…..but really funny!
    Are you sure it wasn’t a joke? I could see Murray doing that.

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