“Blogging” Take Two

Well, hello and Happy New Year! I feel like i’m about to go to confession when I admit how long its been since my last post! And to be truthful, I don’t even know…..OH MY GOD! i checked and it was MAY!  What I do know is that for some reason, this “blogging” kinda gives me a release with a twist of humor and i feel like this online journal is a great way for me to be able to look back over the events of my life. I have really missed it and often think about things that happen and think “man, i should blog this!” So, i’m gonna.

Let’s recap shall we! I have no idea what happened last but with the amount that goes on in my life on a daily basis I’ll have to pick the highlighted points or this could turn into a novel….since my last post was in May there is really no way to make this short. so, grab a coffee, turn of treehouse for the kids and lets recap on all you missed.

As, a side note, I do have like 4 “draft” entries so i kinda tried to keep up with this….ok, so i failed miserably but whateves. Also, as another side note. I think I feel way to much pressure to make sure my punctuation and grammar are correct…thanks to spell check that one isn’t as big of a deal I have a lot of teacher friends….and just some anal ones. 😉

We have grown in family size by one amazing little boy! Seriously, he is straight up perfect and super cute too! #5 made his debut on Sept 22 by means of me being induced.  I have a history of fast labour and I didn’t think an entry on having a baby on the road was something I was into. ( although, I do have a friend that happened to out here and I love the story…for her NOT ME!) I enjoyed a week of living with a long time friend and his wife who is a close friend of mine. ( we actually named our baby after him) in the city the week before as my labour had started and stopped a lot and I wasn’t cool with being so far away from the hospital and the awesomeness of modern medicine. It was awesome and totally what I needed before I jumped into the life of 5. And that is exactly what happened! literally by day 4 of Baby being born I was on my own with the kiddos while the hubs worked his job and kept on with the house renos.

The House, the on going saga of renos. I’m not really involved but I know A LOT has gone on. We have had loads of help. We are still not in our house. We are currently squatters. No, seriously we are! we moved into my inlaws house while they winter in the south. We have moved 3 times in less then a year!

We had a full busy summer of playing in our amazing yard and Joel having some different buddies come to help. The craziest moment of the summer was a day right after a set of friends had left. I should have been cleaning but instead decided to take a much needed nap. I was woken up by this strange tapping that sounded a lot like birds flying into the window. I wondered around the house to try and figure out the sound when standing in our porch was my sister and her husband! They took a spontaneous road trip with 2 outta their 3 kids and their 2 great danes and came out to the Wild, Wild West! and not a second too soon as my bro in law is a pro at concrete and we were just about to have our basement poured! The next 5 days were a intense but crazy fun visit. The best part of that entire story is that they have since decided to move out here! Yeah thats right my sister, her hubs and their 3 kids and 2 dogs are now out here! Her adjusting to this life should probably call for a few guest posts.

Summer was great, fall was busy and I was pretty proud of how i handled our first harvest and having a new baby. and then winter had us load the whole crew and drive to Ontario. It was great, my kids drive like champs. Me and my hubs on the other hand couldn’t get outta the van fast enough. This year has me looking forward to being settled in my OWN house, with my own things, and the start of our life out here with my sister.

I seriously have no words for how happy I am she is here. She is truly one of my best friends and I know that with her beside me cheering me on ( or slapping me outta my temper tantrum) I can accomplish anything. Support is so key and I am so glad to have someone that knows me so well be one of my main ones.

Well, I skipped loads of stuff for the sake of size on this but I wanted to get back into the swing of this. So, let’s raise our Baileys Coffee and cheers in to 2014!

stay classy friends,



About princessalesha

I'm a mom to 4 crazy busy but super awesome kids. I have been married for almost 10 years to my best friend and hottest guy I know! I love to sing, i love laughing and being with my family and my friends. I truly have the best friends in the world! I believe that "what goes around comes around" and "if you want to have friends, be friendly!"
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