Can’t Handle the Pressure!

Hey Friends,

Sorry its been like 100 years since I have posted anything! Reason being was a few weeks ago my husband and his family said goodbye to a wonderful man. His Grandpa, and my kids Great grandpa. He was 89 and lived a full wonderful life. But it was sad and emotional as this was the first time my kids have really experienced a death in the family.  This was a really good time for us to have a chance to really explain to our kids why we believe what we do. Grandpa was a wonderful man and I truly feel honoured and blessed to have known him for the years I did.  My second son (he’s 6) had a lot of questions and although it was a very serious time I had a hard time holding back from laughing as I just am never ceased to be amazed at kids brains and their inability to whisper! I won’t tell every funny question or comment that was made but I’ll tell two. The first was that my #2 son really wanted to see his grandpa. I was hesitant about it but after A LOT of talking he convinced me this was what he needed to do. We approached the casket and when it was opened he got up on his tippy toes and looked in. He was quiet, clearly a sobering visual for any little kid! then he looks at me and asks…” why does he have his watch on?! he can’t tell time. and wait a second…how did he get into that nice suit and tie?!” and then when we went to the internment. My son (#2 again) was so upset that they were going to bury the big box. he kept saying “mom, its so nice, we could put all our toys in it! or we could use it as a fort!” oh kids! I’m pretty sure Grandpa was looking down on us and laughing!

So, what does this have to do with the blog? Well, I just feel so much pressure to be funny! And honestly I wasn’t really in a writing mood. But I am now!

I wonder how many people based on the title thought this had something to do with being pregnant with our 5th kid! cause naturally…THERE IS PRESSURE! but for any of the men that read this….and i’m guessing that is just my husband since he kinda has to for moral support and another hit for my numbers its not very many. However, since I don’t know the exact answer I will have to refrain from truly my funniest moment in history in the Dr’s office. maybe with enough coaxing I will eventually spill my beans but I would have to be close to like landing on the Ellen Show before I’m ready for that!

Life out here on the Prairies is going ok. I have had my moments of sheer panic wondering what the crap I have gotten myself into. But then I remind myself we are only into the first week of farm life and I actually haven’t got the foggiest idea how nuts this really is gonna get. So, the fact that I want to brag about taking my 2 boys to soccer this week and putting all 4 kids to bed alone all week….including bathing them! Is actually not worth mentioning yet. ( especially since I think 2 nights of dinner has been either cereal or grilled cheese!) Although, since I have this bun in the oven I haven’t had the luxury of enjoying a nice glass of wine once they are all in bed. And to that I say I deserve a hand clap…a small one but a handclap none the less!

I find the longer I am gone the more I miss my friends and family. I think its cause I think they would get such a kick out of seeing how strange our life is out here. I know one day I will have them come to visit…Some will anyways, but I’m not in a rush for them to visit as my plan to have them so convinced this is the life they want to have will take a fair amount of planning and scheming….ummm… I mean…never mind…..

I have joined the SCC out here. That is basically a community board that is a part of the public school. It helps in deciding where money goes and in some school type issues. I figure I’m gonna have 5 kids all in the school may as well be as involved as possible and know what is going on. MAN! I had no idea the government was so…… hmmm… well, you know! 😉 This is going to be a huge learning curve and also a great chance to be reminded how much I loved the private school the boys were in! I am glad we have such great teachers out here and that the goal of the school really is the students. But man! this is gonna be a wild ride!

All the kids are doing well and adjusting slowly to the changes. Now that the snow is gone and we are able to go outside in normal clothes. I think they are going to enjoy living on all this land. And being able to play and create things in new and exciting ways. truthfully, the nicer it gets the more scared I get. I wonder with each nice day how many bugs and snakes are waking from their slumber and having little creepy babies! Now will be the time to stay tuned for my blogging.

Well, I could talk all night long but the oven just beeped and my midnight snack of mozza sticks and jalapeno poppers is ready so that’s my cue to sign off!

until the next time,

Stay Classy






About princessalesha

I'm a mom to 4 crazy busy but super awesome kids. I have been married for almost 10 years to my best friend and hottest guy I know! I love to sing, i love laughing and being with my family and my friends. I truly have the best friends in the world! I believe that "what goes around comes around" and "if you want to have friends, be friendly!"
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2 Responses to Can’t Handle the Pressure!

  1. Rachel says:

    Keep strong my friend!!! I love this posting, and I will keep coming back for more! I was singing with a friend at church who grew up in Saskatoon. He’s about 2 years older than us. He said the education system out there and the way they taught was much superior than the system here in Ontario!

  2. alicia says:

    I LOL’d and caused a scene in my office reading about the toybox. so glad you’re back on…i always look forward to your stories…though you know i’d prefer to hear them over a bowl of potatoes. miss you muches!!

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