All About Me

So, I think this is the page where I write about myself…..Well, I’m 33, I’m married to a super hottie and we will be having our 10th anniversary this year! (march 22) together we have 4 adorable and funny kids….and a 5th on the way this fall! We just moved across Canada to a small town where we are going to be farming….Hence the blog! I’m kinda a city slicker and I don’t like things like bugs, snakes,…basically anything thats not a person! and I know nothing about farm life or small town living. I figured I would start a Blog so people can join me on my journey of this thing called life. Watch and laugh along side me at my farmer fails, and probably my parenting fails too! I live to laugh and make people happy so if I know this blog brings one person a smile i’ll think its all worth it! I don’t pretend to be a writer. I can’t spell and I hardly use punctuation. But I’m honest and authentic! I have a great life and I look forward to sharing it with you!


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