Just When it Couldn’t Get Any Crazier!!

Hey Peeps.

I hope this finds everyone doing well! I am so pumped to write today as I have been waiting for the perfect moment…..So I have buckled #3 & #4 in and handed him a snack that will be deserving of a bath after and have Treehouse entertaining them.

So, let me set the stage…Two weeks before we moved from Ontario all the kids got what I called the plaque. Hard core barfing and extreme grossness. It literally went from #4 to #3 to #2 to #1 and then Joel and even our student. I felt like Superwoman as I had managed to dodge the bullet! I felt a bit run down and extra emotional but that is only to be expected with the situation and the move on our heels. Fast forward to the Wednesday . (movers would be coming on Thursday and we were flying out on Friday) We were up to our eyeballs with last minute junk removal, mess, packing and trying to spend as much time with our friends and family as possible before the big move. Wednesday night we go over to my Bestie’s house for an amazing dinner and final Webster/Mitchell night. The boys went out and got us some coffee’s and we sat around and visited until way to late being we had a HUGE mess waiting for us a home.

On the way home it hit me like a ton of bricks…THE PLAGUE! “oh dear God NO! not right now!” I thought we have so much to do I can’t get sick. we pulled into the driveway and I barely made it inside before I shared what we had for supper with the entire bathroom! I sat there all upset as I hate puking more then anything then all the sudden it hit me like a ton of bricks….What if it wasn’t the “plague”…what if it was something else…..something that would last between 4-12 weeks…..something like being pregnant……No,it couldn’t possibly be that! I get out of the bathroom look at my husband who is trying to get 4 kids into bed and we are swimming in mess and I say “go right now to the drugstore and get me a pregnancy test.” His face was one of complete shock and unbelief. he replied with ” Why would you need that?” I don’t remember my exact response I’m gonna guess something sarcastic! He comes in with “THE BOX” and I quickly run up the stairs to see if Im just crazy….. Well, those 2 lines showed up faster then a bullet outta a gun! I gotta be honest sheer fear and panic is an under statement! i actually think my brain went totally blank! I came down the stairs with the test and the glowing 2 lines and fell into a blubbering heap on the stairs.

5 KIDS! we are going to have 5 CHILDREN!!! Now, although 5 was never really in our plans, it was more the timing of finding out that had me so worked up NOT the amazing fact that I had a wonderful little life inside. The tricky part was…and I hope I don’t offend anyone by this… but, when you find out you are pregnant with your 5th kid only a few hours before you are going to have a truck come and pack up your life and then move you and your 4 kids and husband and dog across Canada my initial reaction was….man, I could use a glass of wine! So I sipped my water and just started to laugh!!!! Oh, wait, I forgot to mention that about 20 mins after we had taken the test (its like 10:30pm) we had someone show up to pick up our last box of baby clothes!!! yes, we had given everything away!!!!!

For those of you who have had kids you know the joy it is to tell people you are pregnant. For those of you that have had more then one, you realize its almost more fun to tell people you are having ANOTHER one….well, our family and friends reaction was beyond classic! it was usually with me and the girl laughing and crying all at once and Joel getting a high five….. no comment on that!   But then it all made sense, me being tired and feeling so beyond emotional about the move, and the nausea….Oh Lord that dreaded morning sickness that lasts the entire day! They say every pregnancy is different well that has never been truer! The list of things that make me barf is long and extensive! everything from coffee to toast, to blowing my nose, to having a shower, to getting too warm…or getting to cold, to the smell of the fridge, the dog, the toothpaste, the kids, the laundry………..basically everything!

So now, take a second and think over all you have read, the fact our stuff took 34 days to arrive, a sprained knee…by the way, i have truly mastered getting to the bathroom at hyper speed on crutches….I’m thinking it could be an olympic sport! to Joel being gone…..ALL PREGNANT! not that I am looking for sympathy, in fact the opposite….Just laugh! its funny! Those who know me well are reading this and saying “of course all this would happen to you!” I say to life…BRING IT ON! I can handle it! Life is easier when you go through it laughing! I think it makes our story funny and awesome! I think that Life is always gonna throw you a curve ball but as one of my greatest friends and I always joke, “ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE!” its kinda true, you need those people you can call and melt down with and laugh with all at once. You need those people that hold your hand while they are holding back their laughter and tell you its gonna be ok! I have learned how beyond blessed we truly are. There is never anything that you can’t handle with the right people in your life. And I try and not give a curveball thrown at me that much power that I lose my ability to laugh!

So, wanna talk about a MAJOR FARMER FAIL??!!! I’m due September 24! yes, basically one of the busiest farming months! so what do we do…WE LAUGH! its the only option!  The other plus side of not realizing I was even pregnant is that I have my first trimester behind me! So, this journey of change has just gotten even more entertaining! So raise a glass of sparkling apple juice with me and toast to our crazy life on the farm with what will be 5 kiddos!


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Not always the sharpest tool in the shed.

Well hello! my apologies for not having a post out sooner but I had managed to lock myself out of my website, email and blogging site! Yes, its one of my many talents. So let me recap on the goings on of this prairie princess….

First I should say I have revised this whole blog thing under some good advice of my little sister (who I lovingly call Google MD) since I tend to not think I have removed the names of our family and will try and keep it as “private” yet real as possible. Those of you who know us you know who I’m talking about anyways and could probably guess if I put their name in or not!

So….Our stuff is STILL not here! it has been 32 days! needless to say I am not very happy with the company we have chosen. Hopefully they do a good job compensating me! or else that may just have to be a whole other blog!

We have made a few trips around and had our first hotel experience. complete with watersides! The kids were in heaven! It took the youngest about 3 hours to finally calm down and go to sleep. That happened at about 11 pm. I learned a bit about hotel life… They are not designed for large families! They don’t give you a cot cause that’s a fire hazard so we had to get creative with beds.  I also learned the value of free breakfast! and the stupidity of carpeting your eating area!

My husband had to go away on business for 5 days to Arizona…..in February…..rough I know eh?! So, I thought I would run this ship like a well oiled machine while he was gone…with the exception of my insane delight in not having to make real dinners! HA! that’s a joke! day 2 of him being i decide to load up the kids into our truck ( that i detest driving) and go to the grocery store…its like a 3 minute walk but I figured driving would be easier. All the kids are outside and I am carrying the baby out. When I wipe out on the ice and literally toss my child into a snow bank! His response “UH OH MOM!” I laid in the snow and couldn’t get up. I did the wounded solider crawl to the stairs and managed to rally all the kids into the house. I ended up calling someone and getting a drive to the hospital. I blew out my knee and will be on crutches for at least the next 2 weeks. I felt my melt down come on. I sat at the table and cried. I was honestly trying to figure out how on earth I was going to get through the week. I gotta say there are angels everywhere! I have never in my life experienced so much support and help from strangers! I literally was overwhelmed with how much help we had! We had dinner brought to us every night, People delivered lunch to me in the days, People took my younger two kiddos. A mom sent her daughter everyday to help me clean my house and make the kids lunches. It was amazing! I was afraid to move to a small town where you hear everyone knows your business but I gotta say I have never been more happy for people to know whats going on! It was an amazing testimony of community! I am so excited to be a part of such a great town! Friday night couldn’t come soon enough though and I had a happy group of kids when their daddy walked in the door!

In other news I spent 40 hours this week talking on the phone to my sisters, and my friends back home…..

Stay tuned for my next blog as its gonna be a good one! yup, i already know what its gonna be!


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The Journey Begins

Well its here. The start of what I fear may quickly become my newest obsession! This blog is really the result of a lot of people telling me to do it. If I’m being honest (I hear thats what you do on these things) I never thought I would get into the Blog thing. I never really read them and kinda figured I didn’t have much to say. Then my husband Joel and I decided we were going to uproot our family from our beautiful home in Southern Ontario and move across Canada to a small town of 400 people in Saskatchewan so he could farm with his dad. When people asked me what I was gonna do if I saw a snake, a mouse, a spider…basically anything that moves and I realized the answer was DUH, FAINT!  I quickly was convinced that this city slicker turned country bumpkin should probably start to record our journey! I also was informed that the only thing then finding any of those things in your house would be losing them in your house! So, I figure I should learn to shoot a gun! just incase them creepy things ever try and make a home in MY home.

Now, maybe I should explain a bit more about myself. I’m 33 I like pink and sparkles….and malls….and Starbucks and Tim Hortons! I value my family and my friends and I pride myself in truly having the best friends on the planet! I have learned that family isn’t always about DNA. Although my family is great so I am blessed on all sides ( I mean we all have our own splash of crazy but who doesn’t? oh, and if you don’t think your family does have a hint of crazy as a friend!) I was in my 20’s when I found out what a combine was!  Now, don’t get me wrong I’m not all she she fru fru but when the closest town is an hour and a half away I do feel a hint of panic sinking in. I consider myself a yoga pant wearing mama. however, I firmly believe if you wanna go for the ” cozy/ slob” look it needs to be deliberate! As in shower and put on a bit of make up or at least some product in your hair. And for the love of God make sure your quitters are clean! (quitters…aka. Jogging pants insert shout out to Sue and Steve here!) I don’t ever roll out of bed and hit the streets in my jammies! I have standards people!

So, here we are, in a small 2 bedroom house with our 4 kids and our dog! its COZY if nothing else. As long as I keep thinking we are camping I am fine! Our boys ( 8 and  6 yrs) have started into their new school and are doing amazing. They have new friends and will be playing hockey too! ( yeah, I’m sure that will be a few blog entries right there!) my daughter (3 )starts one day of preschool a week and my baby (19 months) gets to just run around and do what he does best…be cute…and wreck things! As for myself, well, I am considering this also a journey of self discovery. I want to try new things…like canning and gardening…and relaxing!

We have been here for a week and its been great. There is a learning curve to farm life for sure but the town is great and people are really nice. Sometimes I kinda feel like I’m on “Little House on the Prairies” everyone is so smily and nice and helpful. I went to the Co-op and they asked if it was on my “account” I didn’t even know what they meant. I was successful in meeting a few town people right off the start by having our dog Stella run away about 7 times on our first day. Nothin like a first impression! I also have learned the value of meal planing and shopping for like a month at a time. Although, when we dropped almost a mortgage payment a Costco I did feel a bit of panic. My favorite town moment so far was getting the truck stuck in the play ground at the kids school. Blending in has basically been an epic failure. I can’t really tell where the roads are, the ditches are or the sidewalks, I am afraid to admit I have driven in all of them so far. But its a journey and I am excited to be on. So come on, grab your coffee and join me on my journey as a PRAIRIE PRINCESS!

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